Careers in Construction


Written by luan.skelland

Article - Industry

If hearing the word ‘construction’ makes you think of building sites and hard-hats - boy, have we got news for you! Like so many other industries, the construction world has advanced in leaps and bounds over recent years, and now offers so many career pathways in almost any area of work you can think of. It can be creative, high-tech, eco-focused… but always exciting. If you feel you may have the personality, skills and drive to fit into the amazing world of construction, read on!

Remember building your first Lego house? The thrill of seeing a simple drawing come to life in front of you as you select the bricks, follow the little paper diagram and put them together for that fantastic result. Working in construction is obviously a world away from that – but the theory’s the same: there’s nothing better than the feeling of satisfaction as you watch a building grow before you, knowing you’ve played a key role in transforming the landscape and providing a material place for people to work or live. 

High-tech advances in construction mean that computers with state-of-the-art programs are where building concepts are born – with new tech entering the construction arena all the time, including VR, augmented reality, drones and so much more. Architectural boundaries are also being pushed in terms of sustainability, with the construction sector proudly standing at the forefront of combating climate change and having a massive positive impact on our future environments.  

So how do you get into this incredible and dynamic world of rewarding careers and job satisfaction? There are many ways, whether you choose the construction path while still at school or college or opt for a career change later on. You can ‘earn while you learn’ as an apprentice (we will be launching our own apprenticeship scheme later this year). You can specialise in your chosen construction field with a degree. You can test the waters with a period of work experience. Or you can go for a vocational qualification to help you on your journey. 

The truth is there’s an abundance of employment opportunities in construction – and a very real shortage of skilled workers. There are openings for everyone, and in an industry that’s a world away from the stereotyped male-dominated image many have, more and more women are finding construction the perfect environment to bring new perspectives and offer highly valued and transferable skillsets.  It’s one of our key ambitions to keep improving gender diversity and equal opportunities throughout our teams.

And the rewards? Quite apart from the fulfilling, satisfying and varied work we’ve already mentioned, a career in construction offers great opportunities, job security, flexible working policies and competitive pay. Even more important are the many and varied career pathways you can forge as you progress. At Vision Arch we take personal development and career progression very seriously – for all our employees. Within all our areas, which include Design, Commercial, Project & Delivery, and Sales, there are logical paths whereby you can progress your career if that’s what you choose to do. Happy in your area of work? Then you could develop it and widen your scope with further training and specialisation. We also invest in our employees through CPD opportunities: as well as through mentoring, shadowing, professional networking etc.

Exploring your own personal goals and aspirations will help you and your manager select options and set targets for you. There is every opportunity to hit those targets in the multi-faceted world of construction – while you’re involved in carrying out fascinating work and playing a vital role in transforming the world for future generations. 

And, if you like what you’ve heard and are interested in a career in construction, please see our current opportunities here.