Environmental, Social and Governance

Vision Arch has embedded consideration of ESG factors throughout all stages of our business practices. We are fundamentally committed to building a long-term ESG policy, to deliver a sustainable organisation that will grow, provide employment and opportunities for many years to come. We are ISO 14001:2015 certified, which sets the standard for Environmental Management Systems.

ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance

Vision Arch believes that growth through sustainability, social awareness and strong governance allows for a stronger future.

Our ESG considerations relate to many areas such as diversity, inclusion, honesty and integrity, at every level of our organisation.

Our ESG strategy for our business activities also includes many environmental factors, and includes who we trade with, the supplies we use and the ESG scores of organisations with whom we partner.

We are ISO 14001:2015 certified, which sets the standard for Environmental Management Systems, click link to view our certificate.

You can view our Environmental Policy Statement here and further information is available on upon request.

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Also, for further reading on the topic of sustainability in facades, please click here to read a paper recently published by the CWCT.


Our Commitments


Our Company

Vision Arch commits to upholding our professional, ethical and quality standards, as stated in our ESG policy. We will, without fail, review all elements of the policy regularly and thoroughly alongside all other practices we undertake.


Our People

Vision Arch commits to diversity, inclusion, and an equal opportunities environment that provides physical safety and promotes positive mental health. 


Our communities

Vision Arch commits to support our local community, and the communities in which we operate. This includes physical, voluntary and monetary support on a case by case basis.


Our planet

Vision Arch will commit to following all guidance from environmental and government authorities in our quest to achieve Net Zero by 2030, with specific focus on the reduction of waste.


Our Suppliers

Vision Arch commits to enhancing our ESG consulting as part of our procurement process and analysis of our supply chain, to ensure every business conforms to our ESG commitments.


Our Culture

Vision Arch commits to instilling an ESG culture on every project, using our team and working closely with partner organisations, to ensure we are culturally aligned.

Why we’re different

Vision Arch’s ESG strategy forms the basis of our organisation. Our commitment to environmental, social and governance is driven by our passion around our people, our communities and our impact on the planet.

Our ESG scores, when we have achieved accreditation, will be made public and ingrained into our operations - which includes construction, operations, data security and financials.. 

As ongoing construction news evolves around environmental factors, we are already committed to ensuring our supply chain, our partners and the projects that we engage with, align with our ESG policy right now. Our ESG definitions can be supplied on request.

If you like to read more regarding ESG, please click here to read our recent article. 


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