Glass roofs

Incorporating a structural glass roof into your building is an eye catching feature, and provides the benefit of natural light for all building occupants.


The supporting structure for your glazed roof, or glass atrium roof, can be constructed from aluminium, steel, timber or glass beams, similar to the backing structure for your curtain walling.

Your glass atrium roof, or gridshell roof can be constructed with a pitch as low as two degrees, which we have UKAS accredited test data for.

The glass in your roof can be held in place with standard pressure plates, or our preferred method of toggle fixing, which keeps the external face of glass and sealant penetration free.

The Arch approach

At Vision Arch we have experience in using both steel and aluminium, as well as timber for the backing structure behind the glazing head of the glazing system. 

Whether you are considering a glazed atrium roof, gridshell roof or any structural glass roof, early engagement will help us, help you, achieve the desired look and feel of the glazed roof.